What is Trichology? Who is a Trichologist?

Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp, in both health and disease. This may range from hair loss, genetic thinning, flaky or oily scalp, to hair that is just out of condition and in need of some attention!

As a qualified and experienced trichologist, Shuna Hammocks conducts the first meeting with a patient as a consultation, and this can last up to an hour. Various topics are discussed, such as: general health, medication taken, diet, lifestyle and stress levels, hair care routine. It is most important that a thorough examination of the hair and scalp is carried out. This is essential to make a correct diagnosis of the condition.

Following this, a treatment can be carried out in the clinic, as well as clear instructions being given for self-treatment at home.

I am striving to differentiate myself from those working within my profession who may not be adequately qualified. It is so difficult for the public to know who to turn to, and the first result on an internet search may not be the best choice. Checking that a trichologist is a member of the Institute of Trichologists is a good starting point.

Shuna HammocksConsultant Trichologist

There are times where a condition may require a blood test, this can either be carried out via the patient’s own GP, or if more convenient, Shuna, who is also a qualified phlebotomist, can carry out the blood test in the clinic. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis and results can usually be supplied within a few days, by email if required.

I am so passionate about my profession, hence being in the business for over 12 years, that I would like to raise awareness about trichology so that it’s the first port of call when an individual experiences changes in their hair. I completely understand how the negative appearance of one’s “crowning glory” can destroy a person’s confidence and sexual identity.

Shuna HammocksConsultant Trichologist

If this has struck a chord with you, or if you know of a family member or close friend who is quietly struggling with a trichology concern, please get in touch with me. It is far better to discuss the situation with someone who has years of experience and an empathetic ear than spend an awful lot of time and money with “miracle cures” from the internet, or similar “cowboys”.

Watch this video, Shuna Hammocks talking on why hair is important for us.