Our Services


Your initial visit to Sussex Trichology will be a consultation; this appointment will last up to an hour. During this visit, Shuna will take various factors into consideration including:

  • Your medical history
  • Medications taken
  • Allergies
  • Nutritional status
  • Lifestyle
  • General hair care routines

Also, Shuna will carry out a thorough hair and scalp examination.

Shuna will take the time to really listen to your concerns and what brought you into the clinic, She understands so well just how upsetting hair loss can be and how much it impacts on every area of your life and confidence.

In most cases, Shuna will diagnose the condition at this point, she strongly feels it is important that you understand the condition well. This can bring a sense of relief and make you feel back in control of a situation often again.


This section is tailor-made to show you how to treat your condition that I have has diagnosed. You will most likely appreciate the chance to be proactive and actually “do” something at home; this is where a combination of possible creams and lotions can help you, psychologically too. You may have a treatment in the clinic on the same day as your consultation; this would last a further hour and consists of, the application of various creams, steamer and a relaxing scalp and neck massage, perhaps therapy lamps. I may ask you to have another treatment perhaps a few weeks or months later; this is very individual and depends upon your ability to successfully treat at home and how your condition is progressing.

You will feel a great weight is lifted by having the chance not only to share your concerns with me but have ongoing support by phone and email, particularly during the early days of your treatment. At the clinic, we carry out a non-steroidal approach using Philip Kingsley products and medications.

Home Prescription

I will prescribe products for home use specific to your condition, considering any allergies or sensitivities discussed during the consultation process. I will provide full written instructions as to when these products are best used; in certain cases, a video demonstration can be supplied. You will have the prescription and full Philip Kingsley retail range of products, including the styling products for your use in the clinic and at home.

Please note that these are not included in the consultation fee.

I have a mail order page; as a patient of Sussex Trichology, you will also have access to our member’s page to support you further. We very much advocate a mindfulness approach to life and therefore to benefit the hair and scalp also.