Psoriasis Scalp Conditions Hair Loss TreatmentPatients who present with this condition often describe the feeling of “thickened crust” to the scalp which feels sore and “as if wearing a cap on the scalp”. The appearance is of inflammation and white or yellow scales of skin cells which may be in patches or in extreme cases affecting the entire scalp tissue.

The actual definition of Psoriasis is: “patches of adherent thick scales”. The underlying skin is often boggy and inflamed and can even have open infected areas (as patients often pick or scratch away the scales). The reason this condition acts as it does, is that the skin cell turnover is too fast, it is NOT due to having dry skin at all! The overproduction of skin serves to protect the inflammation of the skin below. There is often some hair fall when this condition is particularly severe, but this is a temporary state and as the condition improves so too does the return of the hair growth.

While this condition is often chronic, is it possible to treat this at Sussex Trichology. Clear instructions will be given for home treatment also, but again hydra cortisone is completely unnecessary! When the skin cell turnover is decreased the condition can be kept under control.

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