Scalp Conditions Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

If you suffering from an itchy scalp, notice flakes of scale falling on your shoulders, are experiencing an oily scalp don’t be ashamed- please read further for your condition description.

Many medical conditions are related to the scalp. However as no two patients have the same medical history, genetic dispositions or cultural similarities, the only way to diagnose is following a thorough consultation. Anxiety and stress can be contributing factors in scalp conditions, medicine side effects and the diet are all areas that our resident Trichologist Shuna Hammocks will consider.

Please find the conditions treated most often in the clinic described in this section of Sussex Trichology knowledge base. This is designed to be an overall view of “what” the condition may be, and during the consultation, Shuna describes in more detail the “how” your condition can be treated. You are strongly advised not to attempt to self-diagnose and treat as this can be harmful, as some conditions may present like another addressed in an entirely different method.

One of the most common types of scalp conditions is Seborrhea Eczema, but can be treated and controlled easily. 10% of the population suffer from Psoriasis, which can feel tight and sore- but VERY rarely require hydra cortisone to treat! We do not treat infections conditions here, so you will understand if you bring your child (or indeed if a parent attends) and is found to have head lice, you will be respectfully asked to return after these have been illuminated. Many other conditions affect the scalp because as a rule, the dermis of the skin should behave in the same way as the skin on the rest of your body.

Scalp conditions are frequently treated at Sussex Trichology and also preparations are given for home use, we run an efficient postal service which aids the professional and sensitive nature of Trichology.


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