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“I cannot recommend you strongly enough to anyone who is experiencing hair loss.” – says Julie

Hair Loss Treatment Testimonial by Julie

Thank you so very much, Julie. Your testimonial is really kind, and I remain available to you anytime. It will help many others who are suffering hair loss in your position too!

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“I am happy that I made the decision to contact Shuna” – says Catriona

Pernicious Anaemia Hair Loss Treatment

A few months ago, worried Catriona visited the clinic complaining about her rapid hair loss condition. I examined her scalp and other medical reports for hair loss symptoms. She followed my instructions and during our recent session, I noticed her hair was growing back. In her testimonial, she said: I went to Shuna as my […]

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“My confidence has increased dramatically….” – what else Liz said about hair thinning treatment with Shuna

Thanks to Liz, please read the following if you are a woman experiencing hair loss and interested in the results Sussex Trichology can achieve. My hair started to thin when I was in my 30’s and I put this down to a stressful job in the City and the long hours and commuting that I […]

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“Why I regret not consulting Shuna 5 years ago” – John’s Testimonial

Sussex Trichology patient John from Haywards Heath initially consulted Shuna with a scalp condition. Assuming, as many do, there was no way of treating male pattern thinning he was surprised to find he could.

Read how he found results beyond expectation!

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Sussex Trichology is a safe heaven for anyone suffering with hair loss – says Esther from Brighton. Why?

Esther consulted Shuna Hammocks with concerns over patches of hair loss. Despite otherwise being healthy she was devastated to feel as if others could see her scalp and that all of her hair may fall. Following regular clinic and home treatments combined with email and phone support, Ethers hair regrew and she is happier and more content in life than ever before.

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Psoriasis and Eczema can be stressful. Carol praises her recovery at Sussex Trichology

Psoriasis and Eczema can be stressful.

I first read about The Sussex Trichology Clinic in a local magazine, it was an article about a lady who had suffered from psoriasis on the scalp. As I too was suffering quite badly from the same problem I checked out the website, phoned that day and made an appointment.

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Samantha suffered from Hair Thinning & Hair Breakage. Read what she said about us.

Samantha suffered from Hair Thinning & Hair Breakage.

Samantha was suffering from hair thinning and broken hair. Hair loss conditions such as these are frequent complaints that are brought to Sussex Trichology. Sam’s hair has already improved and she was only too pleased to share her experience so far.

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1 of 4 of us suffer from Male Pattern Thinning – Read David’s testimonial about treatment at Sussex Trichology

David came to Sussex Trichology with concerns over thinning scalp hair and had seen it get progressively worse over the past year. He searched online for hair loss treatment and found Shuna, one of the country’s top Trichologists. I found Shuna through Google search. I was 22 when my hair started to thin and was […]

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Episode 10 – Testimonial From Josh [Video]

Josh came to Shuna Hammocks for hair loss and hair thinning treatment. Here he shares his experience at Sussex Trichology in our latest ST TV episode.

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Testimonial From Doreen

My world fell apart 18 months ago when I discovered my hair was thinning and I had 2 bald patches (Alopecia Areata), that sound dramatic but for a 78 year old lady who’s been lucky not to have had any serious illness and never use hair dye, it had.

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"I totally understand how emotional conditions of the hair and scalp are. I am used to having patients call me initially on the phone in tears, I will personally reply to each and every inquiry. (by phone if requested)."
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