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Talking About Alopecia Areata on BBC South East

Shuna Hammocks Talks about Alopecia Areata on BBC South East

My first but very brief TV appearance on BBC South East Today last week! I thought some of the hair loss patients would be interested to see further psychology surrounding Alopecia Areata is being discussed on social media. I would also like to thank Jade Jarvis for starting the social awareness. Shuna Hammocks Shuna Hammocks […]

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Episode 17 – Reluctant to see a hair loss specialist? Shuna Hammocks has some advice for you.

Problems with your hair? Why you need a Trichologist

Are you hesitating to visit a hair loss specialist? Are you confused if a trichologist can treat your hair loss and scalp conditions? Don’t worry Shuna Hammocks is here to help you.  Many patients contact me via the website by filling in the contact form or requesting a call back. Often they say I heard […]

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Episode 15 – Catherine explains why her partner and she are happy to recommend Shuna

One of Sussex Trichology’s patients Catherine’s agreed to share her hair loss story on video. As with Shuna Hammocks, she wanted to help raise awareness of the sometimes taboo subject of losing ones hair.

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Trichologist at the farm – Shuna Hammocks re-introduces Sussex Trichology at Naldred Farm, Haywards Heath

Shuna Hammocks - Sussex Trichology - Hair Loss Clinic

Last year, we (Sussex Trichology) moved to Clinic at Borde Hill. Here is our latest video on life at the farm with other alternative and holistic therapists. Thank you for watching this video, my name is Shuna Hammocks and I am a consultant Trichologist. For many of my followers, you will be aware that while […]

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Are trichologists against hairdressers? Explained by experienced hairdresser Helen Beddard

Hairdresser Trichologist Hair Loss Specialist

Helen Beddard is an experienced hair dresser who works with Shuna Hammocks at Sussex Trichology. She is a Hairdresser and Creative Director at the Essensuals Toni & Guy. Helen is equally passionate about hair as Shuna and wants to spread the word that Trichologists and hairdressers can work together as a team around the client/patient. […]

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Episode 12 – Male Pattern Thinning | Androgen Dependent Alopecia

In this video, Consultant Trichologist Shuna Hammocks talks about Male Pattern Thinning, also known as Androgen Dependent Alopecia.

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Episode 11 – Out of Condition Hair Loss Treatment

In this ST TV episode, Hair Loss Specialist Shuna Hammocks talks about cause of hair loss and out of condition hair loss treatment at Sussex Trichology.  Video Script I want to talk to you about hair that is out of condition or damaged. Plenty of my patients who come to see me may have hair […]

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Episode 10 – Testimonial From Josh [Video]

Josh came to Shuna Hammocks for hair loss and hair thinning treatment. Here he shares his experience at Sussex Trichology in our latest ST TV episode.

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Episode 9 – Semi-Permanent Makeup For Eyebrow Hair Loss

As some of the patients who come to see me at Sussex Trichology have condition which effect the eyebrows, they often lose their eyebrows or they thin. I am very lucky to have the supportive team and “tool” with Amy Packer to use for semi-permanent make up.

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Episode 8 – Female Hair Loss Described By A Specialist

Female pattern thinning as it is known or Androgenic Alopecia- can affect women of all ages from puberty and of varying degrees of severity. It is inherited genetically and presents as hair becoming increasingly finer on the top region of the head, causing the scalp to become more visible.

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