Kelly Venn


My name is Kelly and I work at Sussex Trichology as a Trichotherapist. My job is to support and assist the Consultant Trichologist, Shuna in treating you with your diagnosed condition.

Kelly McMahon

Where It All Started For Me

I started working with Shuna after visiting the clinic with my Mum who is a patient at Sussex Trichology. It was then that my interest in Trichology and all things hair and scalp developed. My mum was losing her hair, and seeing the devastating effect this was having on her confidence spurred me on to want to help others in the same position.

My Training

I had extensive training in the London Philip Kingsley clinic and at Sussex Trichology on various ‘real-life’ patients, which involved applying a cream, washing hair and generally looking after people to make them feel safe and happy in the clinic environment. Coming into a Trichology Clinic can be a rather nervous occasion for patients, so my job is to make you feel relaxed and cared for whilst in our company. During my training, I saw many different conditions such as hair loss, Psoriasis, scarring conditions, alopecia patches and patients with eczema of the scalp. I also saw many men and women with genetic thinning.

Shuna describes Kelly “as my brick, she helps me to support our patients with the upmost respect and loyalty in the way we find as a team, trichology works best.”

My Job As a Trichotherapist

When you come to visit Sussex Trichology, they will be seen initially by Shuna in the office, so that she can determine the best way to treat the particular condition diagnosed. Then you will sit in a treatment chair, which is really is comfortable. It is at this point that Shuna will share with me the best creams, shampoos and ointments to use on you. I then apply the creams by parting the hair and placing the warm steamer over your head for a short while. You’ll find it really relaxing, especially with a magazine and a cup of tea!

I will continue with a 7-10 minute scalp massage and some people fall asleep during this part! Then I wash the cream off before using bespoke shampoos and conditioners as advised by Shuna. These products are sometimes needed for home use also and full instructions are always supplied to you.

My Hopes For The Future

I want to help to raise the profile for trichologists and believe everyone should have a hair and scalp specialist like Shuna on hand. I am sure you will, like so many others in our busy clinic, feel reassured and optimistic when you finish your appointment. In my initial interview with Shuna, I explained that I wanted to “make a difference and to give something back to those suffering from hair loss”.

I completely feel I have and am still enjoying making that difference and I look forward to meeting you too