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Hair Loss Is Already Starting To Affect My Confidence And My Mood, And I Still Do Not Feel Like I Am Being Taken Seriously. Can You Help?

Hi there. I’m not really sure where to start. I have always shed a lot of hair. In my teenage years is was commented on a fair bit, but never found my hair to be actually thinning. In the last year or so I have seen an increase in the amount of hair being lost, I can’t run my fingers through my hair without some coming out. From what I can see of my head I haven’t got any bald patches yet. I am also too worried to look at my hair as it is playing on my mind a lot.

The doctors have given me full blood tests, and they all came back normal. I saw the second doctor yesterday and asked for a referral to a dermatologist which she didn’t think was necessary.

After I brought up my concerns about it possibly being a side effect of taking fluoxetine, she looked up side effects and found alopecia to be among them. My daily dosage is quite high I am told, and there is a possibility that I noticed the hair loss shortly after I increased the dosage. For now, I have agreed to lower the dosage back down and see if this makes a difference, but I do suffer from depression, and there is a reason I am on that dose. However, I am 29, and I cannot lose my hair.

It is already starting to affect my confidence and my mood, and I still don’t feel like I am being taken seriously.

Shuna’s Answer

Thank you for contacting me and being so open about your concerns. I can already feel your disposition after years of hair loss.
My first thought is that as you’ve lost hair before the medication started, there may be a pre-existing issue: possibly a stress or anxiety hair loss or even a deficiency related one. The side effects are documented and time will tell if the reduced dose helps. I suggest we meet to discuss, bring a copy of your recent blood tests please and let’s rule out everything else. It may put your mind at ease to have me “on your side” to possibly request any further tests from your GP and look at your health and lifestyle more holistically.
I look forward to meeting you and being of further help.

Shuna Hammocks

Shuna Hammocks

Shuna Hammocks is a Consultant Trichologist who has been a hair and scalp specialist for 17 years. She is owner and Consultant Trichologist at Sussex Trichology. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or any other hair and scalp related issues, Call 07860387332 now for a private and professional consultation.

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