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Good Hair Days!

Hair is our crowing glory and when it looks and feels good, so do we. But what if there’s a problem?

It’s comforting to know that if we experience hair loss or develop a scalp condition, Sussex Trichology is on hand to resolve the problem.

Shuna Hammocks, a qualified member of the Institute of Trichologists, with over 14 years’ experience working at the famous Philip Kingsley Clinic in London, established Sussex Trichology in Sussex two years ago. “I love my job. I’m passionate about it,” she tells me. “There are so many rewards, particularly the relief on people’s faces when they know they are not going to lose all their hair!”

Both hair loss and scalp conditions can be emotionally distressing and Shuna’s philosophy centres on treating each person as an individual. With both the time and expertise to make an accurate diagnosis and devise bespoke treatments, there are few hair or scalp conditions Shuna cannot treat.

Working alongside Shuna is trichotherapist Kelly McMahon. Together they treat a wide range of people, including children with hair loss patches, men with genetic thinning (it can be improved!) and women experiencing shedding and hair loss.

So what exactly happens when you go to see a trichologist? I am lucky to be invited for a consultation and any apprehension I might have felt is immediately dispelled by the warm and nurturing atmosphere of the Clinic, based in the beautiful Priory in Haywards Heath. Shuna takes a holistic approach to diagnosis, and as both physical and emotional factors can affect our scalp and hair health, we spend an hour or so discussing my general health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Hair and scalp problems can arise for a variety of reasons, including hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency and thyroid problems. In certain cases, a blood test may be needed for further investigation. As a qualified phlebotomist, Shuna can do this privately or it can be done through your GP, if the patient prefers.

Once Shuna has examined my scalp and hair under a magnifying light, we go through to the clinic, a lovely room with classical music and a pampering vibe. A treatment is applied to my scalp and a deep conditioner to my hair. Then a steamer is used to help with product absorption, making it a warm and relaxing experience. Shuna uses the Philip Kingsley products; once they have done their job, she massages my head before rinsing them off.

Patients would then be advised on an appropriate programme of treatment and follow-up appointments, and both Shuna and Kelly emphasise that their support is always available. “Everyone needs a trichologist on speed dial,” laughs Shuna.

I leave with my scalp, hair and soul feeling nourished and refreshed and would urge anyone with hair or scalp problems not to suffer in silence, but to call Shuna today.

by Lisa De Silva


Kelly McMahon

Kelly McMahon

Kelly McMahon works at Sussex Trichology as a Trichotherapist. her job is to support and assist the Consultant Trichologist Shuna Hammocks in treating patients with various conditions. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or any other hair and scalp related issues, Call 07860 387 332 now for a private and professional consultation.

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