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Video Script

Thank you for watching this video for Sussex Trichology. My name is Shuna Hammocks and I am a Consultant Trichologist. I am a member of The Institute of Trichologist’s and Royal Society of Medicine and as such have to adhere to a strict code of ethics. I have lectured many times on the subject of hair but particularly enjoy hosting The Philip Kingsley Academy each month in London. Here I help to raise awareness of the conditions trichologists diagnose each day in practice, and also act as a useful referral point when hairdressers often observe the condition before their “client”. I want to lift the confusion about the word Trichology – professionals in my field specialise in any problems relating to the hair and scalp and general hair care.

As an expert in my field, with over 14 years’ experience there is no condition I haven’t seen. This can range from Psoriasis to eczema, dandruff to head lice, hair loss and thinning hair conditions. I also see patches of hair loss, scarring conditions and hair that’s over processed and out of condition. The reasons for these conditions vary for example: side effects of medication, nutritional deficiency, genetic inheritance or more a more obscure origin such as autoimmune. I work alongside other disciplines including Endocrinologists, Dermatologists and Gynaecologists and I am lucky enough to be endorsed by many of these medical professionals. My personal interest within the field of Trichology is genetic thinning as this affects so many men and women of varying ages which affects as many as 1 in 4 of the population. At Sussex Trichology we have an excellent success rate in treating these conditions, and have developed a professional but friendly approach with all of the patients we see.

Your initial visit here to The Priory in Haywards Heath, will be a consultation where I will ask you about your general health, diet and lifestyle, about nutritional factors, genetic inheritance and obviously I will thoroughly examine your hair and scalp. Your diagnosis will be discussed at length with all of your bespoke treatment options. However I am always honest and realistic about how appropriate treatment is for the individual case. There are far too many pseudo clinics around that don’t do this.

I completely understand the fear that hair loss brings to the patient and how it can affect the quality of life- hair is described as a sexual characteristic and a definition of one’s character and can make or break your day. I will take the time to REALLY listen to your concerns and with my holistic approach; I feel the ongoing support is essential. I hope following this video you now feel comfortable to make contact with me; I look forward to welcoming you on the path to restoring your hair to its former glory!

Shuna Hammocks

Shuna Hammocks

Shuna Hammocks is a Consultant Trichologist who has been a hair and scalp specialist for 17 years. She is owner and Consultant Trichologist at Sussex Trichology. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or any other hair and scalp related issues, Call 07860387332 now for a private and professional consultation.

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